Venue Requirements

  • The Airstream Studio is a 7.5ft x 22ft trailer that is towed by a large van. Please make sure that your venue has sufficient access before booking. sharp bends, peaked hills and narrow gates may make it difficult to access your location.
  • A reasonably flat area to set up the airstream Photo Booth.
  • A 240volt power outlet within 50 meters.
  • 1.5 hours set up time. 1 hour pack away time.
  • The venue must have wi-fi or 3G service to enable online social media sharing, email and SMS. If this is not possible we can upload the photos to an event page for you within 48 hours.


What equipment do you use to take photographs? We use a professional nikon DSLR camera with a wide angle lens. Our studio lighting set up consists of 2 compact Bowens dish lights and occasionally an additional background light.

How many people can I get in one photograph? It is possible to squeeze up to 8 people into a photo but in our experience groups of up to 6 are more enjoyable and you won't feel like you are treading on each others toes!

How many times can guests use the Photo Booth? The booth is normally hired for a set amount of time and guests are free to use it as many times as they wish. They may have to rejoin the back of the line though as it is very popular.

When is the best time to host a Photo Booth? For weddings, generally after the meal and speeches. For other events it is best that the booth does not clash with any structured part of the function.

How long do I need? For events of up to 150 people, 3 hours is normally enough. It is usually possible to add extra hours to the booking time on the day if you wish.

What standard themes can I choose? Currently our pre-made sets are vintage, nautical or burlesque.

Can I ask for a custom theme? Of course! We love taking on creative projects and are happy to quote for sourcing a set for any theme you can imagine.

What about props? We have a dressing up box full of wigs, hats, parasols and quirky items as well as a suitcase full of glasses, pipes and masks. We are always adding items to our collection.

What do the hosts do? Our 2 hosts are there to help guide your guests through the Airstream Studio experience. They also make sure the automated set up is running properly and are on hand for anyone who isn't used to using an iPad and social media.

What is a Private Champagne Shoot? We provide an unhurried photo shoot with complimentary champagne for a group of up to six people. This is very popular with wedding parties, brides and brides maids etc. You have the option to use the automated photo booth or have one of the hosts take your pictures for you. You can print as many pictures as you like and we will send you a professionally edited digital album within 48 hours of the event.